RCMC Admission Process is being started on 5th June 2021


Admission Process is being started for the selected students from the Medical Admission Test

Applications are invited for admission in MBBS Course, (Session 2020-2021) from the candidates having Test Score 40 or above in admission test. Candidates of Poor and Meritorious Quota are asked to apply in a Prescribed form given in DGHS website. Foreign Candidates will apply as per guideline of DGHS.

Last date for Submission of application : 15-06-2021

Our Endeavour is to provide excellent infrastructure and academic ambience conducive to advanced learning. Our vision of the management is very well defined and there is no compromise when it comes to imparting quality education and care to students. For every aspiring student our advice is- “Study hard, work sincerely with dedication and the good life will follow you!”

We are always delighted to greet you in Rangpur Community Medical College & Rangpur Dental College located in heart of Rangpur city, the centre of northern Bangladesh, where we are devoted to making you learn and grow to accomplish scientific brilliance in medical and dental education.

The academic and administrative facilities are provided in a completely decorated 14 storied building with all its modern facilities and tools. The Hospital is situated adjacent to the college with all modern hospital facilities which is housed in two 10 storied buildings and a separated unit for outer citizens of Rangpur Division. The hospital has 750 beds covering all disciplines as required for an undergraduate medical institution with modern O.T., ICU, CCU and NICU. The RCMC Hospital accommodate all the departments required for running MBBS course, There are adequate amenities for a lecture, tutorial and practical classes of various subjects.

Again We are describing the Facilities available in the college for the meritorios students who are here to learn about our medical education system:

* Medical Education unit & Research Cell with modern types of equipment.

* Common rooms for male and female students.

* BMDC and ISSN recognized College Journals.

* Annual magazines and wall magazines.

*Games and sports (indoor and outdoor).

*Incentive for teachers for their research works and publications.

*A good canteen with fresh, pure & rich food items beneficiary for students’ health.

*Hostel for male and female students with the proper security system and good governance.

* Enhance knowledge base through well decorated Medical Eductaion Unit and Research Cell

You may think why else it is better to choose Rangpur Community Medical College & hospital to study in medical science. The reason lies behind the history of our achievemnets. We started our journey in the field of Medical care for humanity through the establishment of Nazimuddin polyclinic at Rangpur City in Bangladesh. It was only 25 seated medical clinic founded by our honourable pioneer Dr. Mofizzuddin Sarkar which was flourished as Doctors Community Hospital Ltd. After the inception of this 100 seated Doctors Community Hospital Ltd, it has now 750 available seats with 10% free bed for deprived citizens.

After the successful beginning of Doctors Community Hospital Ltd at the year 2000, we have established Rangpur Dental College & hospital in 2001. With this journey of medical care, we have established Rangpur Community Medical College & hospital in the year of 2008 with a small premise.

Now we have defined our medical institutes with the proper education system, qualified faculties, experienced doctors and highly praised medical college management enhanced with proper facilities such as best oriented rooms for lectures & tutorials, highly equipped laboratories, rich library collection with computer lab along with wifi facility, Medical Education Unit & Research Cell.

Duplex Library adjacent to the Medical Education Unit & Research Cell:

The College has a rich library containing 5000 books with a congenial environment having internet facilities. There is a collection of a huge number of text and reference books. The books are of latest edition and high quality and suitable for undergraduate studies.

Teaching Methods:

Teaching is imparted to the students through lectures, demonstrations, tutorials, ward clinics, practical classes and field visits. Periodic clinical meeting’s seminars are held on specific topics regularly. The student’s attendance is strictly recorded. The guardians are informed of their ward attendance periodically. Student’s assessment is made through periodic class examinations (Written, Oral and Practical, card completion and clinical examinations (OSCE & OSPE) as per BMDC course curriculum.

Foreign students:

They are selected on the basis of the result of SSC & HSC equivalent examination. They are required to get equivalence certificate from Directors General of Health Services, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

We always give preference to the students’ affairs on a priority basis. Since we believe that a tranquil, soothing lodging is an inevitable necessity especially for medical students, we have arranged well-furnished accommodations for male and female students in the adequate separate numbers of hostels. There are separate buildings for the foreign male and female students. These hostels are adequately furnished with articles needed for everyday living and entertainment such as wifi facility, television with advanced cable network, daily magazines, etc. Well trained cooks for both local and foreign students are provided by the College for these hostels.

Transport Facilities:

Students not residing in the hostels are provided with pick up and drop off facilities from certain points in the city. A special transport facility is provided every week to the students residing in the hostels to go to the city for shopping or other related activities.



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