Study Tour of 10th Batch of RCMC&H-2020

Arranged by: Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital.
The Study Tour of 10th Batch of RCMC&H-2020 (1)
Study Tour-2020:
10th Batch (3rd Year),
The number of physically fit and enthusiastic medical students: 109


Place: Bandorbon, Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin.
Organized by: Department of Community Medicine,
Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital


(Journey by Train, Bus, Chander gari, Ship)
6/02/20- The Date of Starting of the Journey
Bandarban: Meghla,Nilachol,Shornomondir.
Bandarban: Rijuk Jharna, Chimbuk Pahar, Nilgiri
9/2/20- Bandarban to Cox’s bazar : Laboni & kolatoli beach
10/2/20- Cox’ bazar to Saint martin
11/2/20- Saint martin’s island & Chhera-dip
12/2/20- Saint martin’s Island to Cox’s Bazar
13/2/20- Cox’s Bazar :Marine drive – Radiant Fish World
Cox’s bazar to Dhaka to Rangpur
Insha Allah the team will arrive at 7 am in Rangpur.


The entire Bandarban city can be seen at a glance by standing at the peak of Nilachol. Walking through the clouds in the rainy season, feeling fogs in winter, and the beauty of moonlit night, sunset and sunrise attract the tourists a lot.


After that, Enjoy the beauty of sunrise from the beach in early morning. After Breakfast, Start journey to Chhera Dwip. Spend some times there, enjoy the living corals and small fishes swimming. Back to saint martins island. Watch sunset from beach. Overnight at St. Martins Island.


From there, Cox’s Bazar is famous for having the world’s longest natural sea beaches and has the coolest marine drive with magnificient views of sea-shore along the resorts to spend quality time.