Message From Chairman

We have opened a wide window towards the Nobel Profession of the world…..

It is my great pleasure to write the message for Rangpur Dental College and for Rangpur Community Medical College as a chairman of both institute.

I feel immensely proud for the rapid development of both institutes within the shortest period of time. For this development first of all I would like to express my gratitude to The Almighty Allah for his continuous benevolence on us. Then I would like to give respect & gratitude to the all members of Governing Body, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, all board members, Principals & Teachers of both institute and all the official staffs of our whole organization for their physical & mental effort & place these institute in the Hall of Fame. I also thank my ex and present students who are playing the vital role for sparking the name of our institutes by their brilliant and outstanding results.

My dear prospective students, you are cordially welcome to Rangpur Dental College or Rangpur Community Medical College to build your dream career. We have opened a wide window towards the noble profession of the world and waiting to welcome all of you at the door for the admission.

Mrs. Nilu Ahasan


Rangpur Dental College

Rangpur Community Medical College