Poor & Meritorious Merit List for MBBS Course Admission in Session:2021-2022 of RCMC

Poor & Meritorious Merit List for MBBS Course

Applicants enlisted in the Poor & Meritorious Merit List are invited to complete their admission procedures for MBBS Course, (Session 2021-2022). Candidates of Poor and Meritorious Quota are now asked to apply in a Prescribed Procedure at RCMC to complete their admission processes. Concerned candidates will find their results to admit to MBBS here in this link.

Medical Admission Test Result 2022 to get admitted to RCMC 

Now students who are eligible for applying to RCMC are requesting to get admitted according to the Poor & Meritorious Merit List for the MBBS course and may find their roll in the attached file here. We have enlisted our qualified candidates in two categories, the first category candidates will be welcomed to get enrolled in RCMC as they are on the first merit list, and the second category candidates will get the chance to get admitted to RCMC from the waiting list.

Admission Going on

Admission Deadline for Poor & Meritorious 1st Merit List: 20th August 2022

Time: Office will remain open to complete the admission procedures on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


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