Inauguration Ceremony of MEU & RC at RCMCH

Inauguration of the Medical Education Unit and Research Cell


Asso. Prof. Dr. Syed Mamunur Rahman spoke at the event along with Prof. Dr. Abdur Rahim (left) and Assi. Prof. Dr. Shah Ahasanul Imran (right)

A Remarkable ceremony to celebrate the achievements: 

★ Inauguration of Medical Education Unit & Research Cell (MEU & RC) at RCMC academic building

★ RCMC journal achieved accreditation from BMDC and ISSN

Time & Date: 9:30 am, 22nd August 2019; Venue: MEU & RC, 4th floor, RCMC Academic Building

Inauguration ceremony performed by: Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim, Head of Department, Biochemistry who is the host of this event of MEU & RC

Guests who enlightened the seminar:
★ Chief Guest: Managing Director Md. Nazmul Ahasan, Rangpur Group
★ Special Guests: Deputy Managing Director Md. Asraful Alam Alamin & Vice-Principal Prof. Dr. M. M. A. Wadud Mostafa
★ Guest of honour: Asso. Prof. Dr. Syed Mamunur Rahman, Dept of Forensic Medicine Department
★ Chair Person: Principal Prof. Dr. Afruza Bulbul Akhtar; Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital

Special thanks to:  Assistant Prof. Dr. Shah Ahasanul Imran, Dept of Community Medicine, Member-secretary of MEU & RC  and Lecturer Dr. Tanzimul Islam, Dept of Biochemistry, Member of MEU & RC

Significance of Medical Education Unit & Research Cell in a medical college and its academic system

Most medical colleges have established a medical education unit (MEU) or similar bodies in response to various reforms in medical education. Such units have a variety of titles and operate either independently or under the office of the dean. Their activities include conducting educational research, teaching and providing service and career development of academic staff. The scope of their activities ranges from serving medical faculty only to all other health professionals at either the undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Several factors contribute to the success of MEUs and their establishment is seen to have a positive effect on their medical school.

The MEU investigates learning & teaching activities of the institution including preparation of lesson plan, assessment & evaluation with emphasis on students feedback in response to teaching program delivered by various disciplines to take appropriate measures towards improvement. The unit is committed to undertaking interdisciplinary research to inform the education of future doctors. The faculties of the disciplines investigate the aspects of health professional education in tutorial, clinical, and health care of the community settings as well. Our vision is to undertake research in a broad range of areas related to the need-based curriculum development, implementation & evaluation of entry to practice and priority issues medical programs. We do prepare our faculty to share our educational program to other private medical colleges of the country in future. We are committed to preparing an annual report highlighting the academic activities of the institution for onward transmission to the government regularly. We maintain a very close relationship with the Centre for Medical Education (CME) of the government in developing & delivering the curriculum of the MBBS course mostly. We use information technologies such as websites to improve access and engagement with the curriculum, teaching materials and activities. We are looking for collaborative funding sources apart from the government for educational research & teaching-learning activities. Several factors have contributed to the success of MEU & its establishment in this institution is seen to have a positive effect in implementing MBBS curriculum as well as the development of faculty mostly.

The establishment of MEU has several positive effects. It enhances the quality of medical education, increases the publication of scholarly articles as well as educational research. The unit continues to provide important benefits to the educational mission of the institution by supporting professional scholars to the continued development of medical education as a discipline. In Bangladesh, the MEUs are functioning in government medical colleges in the early 1990s. Medical Education Units (MEU) of Modern Medical Colleges are responsible for maintenance and evaluating of ongoing MBBS curriculum in this country. It investigates the implementation of curriculum activities in different phases of teaching-learning activities of the institution in particular. It builds on a platform of innovation & education leadership. It comprises a body in response to various reforms like faculty development through dissemination of a series of teaching methodology programs among faculties of clinical, pre & para-clinical disciplines. It has a body of staff with specialist & profession having interest in education from a diverse range of senior teachers.


Honourable Guests who presented the inauguration of MEU & RC at RCMC received the copies of RCMC journal which successfully achieved BMDC and ISSN Recognition.

Managing Director Md. Nazmul Ahasan inaugurated the MEU & RC at RCMC with DMD Md. Asraful Alam Alamin (Left) & Principal Prof. Dr. Afruza Bulbul Akhtar (Right).

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