RCMC, RCNC & RDCH celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Independence Day

26th March-Banner
After the independence declaration from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 26th March 1971, Bangladeshis fought to death to acheive the nine-month-long war by gaining the occupational Pakistani forces surrendered, and laid down their weapons at Ramna Race Course in Dhaka
We received our independence in 1971 after a bloody war that killed 3 million people. The independence of our country was declared on the 26th March 1971. Hence the 26th March is observed as our Independence Day. Every year the Independence Day is observed all over Bangladesh with due solemnity and honour.
On 26th March 1971, the name of a new country was included in the map of the world; – Independence Day of Bangladesh was written centering this day. Through the new sunrise of this day, a new chapter in our national life begins. The first thing to remember in the happy moments of Independence Day is that the sacrifices of many patriotic martyrs of our country.