Iftar Mahfil: 20th Ramadan, 1440 Hijri

To celebrate the iftar in this Ramadan month at Sunday (26th May 2019), Rangpur Group organized this year’s Iftar Mahfil with a prayer program.

Chairman of the organization, Nilu Ahsan and Managing Director Mohammad Nazmul Ahsan Sarker were present there as the chief guests.

During the discussion of Iftar Mahfil, the Chief Guest spoke to everyone and shared cordial feelings with everyone. All the respected directors of the organization’s board of directors and teachers, doctors including the officers and employees were present in this Iftar Mahfil.

The Muslim Ummah is celebrating Ramadan by great encouragement and restraint. In continuation of this Islamic tradition, the pious Muslims working in our Rangpur group are performing Ramadan. In order to please Allah Almighty, all of the fasting people were sitting in front of the distributed food during the Iftar program at the end of this fasting day. This is a righteous and spiritual scene in this Ramadan month. They ate in a lively and friendly environment after the iftar time.

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Today 26th May 2019, our honourable Chairman and Managing Director have attended our iftar mahfil. Our rangpur Group authority has organised this event for our benevolent individuals who are fasting as our directors, employees and workers. We prayed for the mercy of Allah and asked forgiveness for our deeds.

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