Ideal Academic Environment with ensuring students’ attendance and complete safety

In the whole campus of Rangpur Community medical college & hospital, the cameras installed around the academic & hospital buildings would be linked to the data server to keep records which would then use face verification to identify the students who have arrived safely. A face recognition based system installed in the lecture hall entrance would also be able to help schools keep a track of students and ensure their safety at all times.

Face Verification Attendance System for Students’ Attendance in RCMCH

Punch-in and punch-out cards have been a common mean of tracking students’ attendance. But as the technology evolves and expands, the attendance systems need to evolve with them. Traditional attendance systems invariably lack means of verification, leading to high chances of error as well as misleading. These processes become even more difficult for students also.


Nearly all institutions are affected by the time-and-attendance fraud; however, classes with distributed time schedules find it especially difficult to track students’ attendance accurately. These medical students attend usually on schedule basis classes in different lecture halls and thus it becomes very important to track their timings accurately. By ensuring these students attendance we will get the future professionals dedicated to our health care.

To track our running students’ attendances of Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital, we would need a system that is so easy to verify students’ identity. The new-age face recognition attendance systems are equipped to do just that. Here’s how we are able to track our students’ attendance accurately:

  • At the time of joining the classes, the face recognition attendance system captures students’ picture.
  • The picture is then mapped with student details.
  • The management department of this medical college can automatically download and add the face recognition attendance data from the devices on the student’s management software and can access it from anywhere and anytime.
  • In order to mark his attendance, a student is required to stand before the small devices at the time of entering the classrooms and verify his face using the front camera of those devices.
  • The system then verifies his attendance and also records other details such as time and location.

Face recognition based on students’ attendance systems is fool-proof. The only way a student can mark his/her attendance is by using his/her face, virtually removing any chances of proxy or buddy punching. The time and location are also verified using the internet thus removing any chances of time theft.