Fees & Payments

Details of Admission, tuition & other fees for a foreign student being admitted to MBBS course for academic session 2022-2023 has been detailed below :
Academic Fees Time Amount
Development Fee One-time Fee US $14,350
Admission Fee Admission & Other Fees US $5,600
Yearly Session Fee $2,250 × 4 Years US $9,000
Tuition Fee Monthly $200 × 60 Months US $12,000
Total Academic Cost for MBBS foreign student
5 years
US $40,950
Scholarship on Development Fee
(Waiver on Academic Fee)
(US $1,950)
In Total Academic Cost
US $39,000
Non-academic Fees Time Amount
Hostel Entry Fee One-time Fee US$300
Hostel Seat Rent $45 X 60 Months US $2,700
Total Non-Academic Cost For MBBS Foreign Student
5 Years
US $3,000
Fees Amount
Total Academic Fee US $39,000
Total Non Academic Fee US $3,000
Total Course Fee
US $42,000
Internship Fee (Optional) – US $1500 (At the time of Admission)
*** US $125 per month will be refunded to student during 12-month Internship Training Program.